Suarez Reveals Inter Showed Interest in Him During His Time in Spain

In a sensational revelation, former Atletico Madrid midfielder, Mario Suarez, spoke out about a possible link to Inter during his recent interview with Sky Sport.

Suarez laid bare that there was an opportunity for him to pull on the Nerazzurri colours during Roberto Mancini’s tenure.

“I had the chance to wear the Nerazzurri kit under Mancini”, Suarez told Sky Sport. This statement provides an extraordinary insight into his past and his connection to Inter’s transfer market.

Suarez’s revelation coincides with the period when Inter made an assertive effort in the transfer market, signing Xherdan Shaqiri amongst others.

The candid interview reveals a fascinating ‘what if’ scenario, painting an intriguing picture of how Inter’s tactics and dynamics might have differed had Suarez jumped on board.

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