Stramaccioni: Lukaku and Thuram were the summer’s standout transfers in Serie A

In anticipation of the upcoming Serie A clash between Inter Milan and Udinese, Coach Andrea Stramaccioni shared his insights with Il Messaggero Veneto.

Stramaccioni highlighted how Udinese could not afford to let their guard down at San Siro. “Two key factors to avoid defeat at San Siro: playing the perfect match and Inter failing in terms of mental intensity”, he said.

Stramaccioni also pointed towards Inter’s advantage as they would already know the result of the Juventus vs Napoli fixture, implying the knowledge could give them a tactical edge.

In his discussion, Stramaccioni drew attention to Lorenzo Lucca, describing the 201-cm tall attacker as “an interesting profile, a type of striker that has been missing for a long time at the top levels in our football.”

Praising Lucca, he said, “I like him a lot, he controls the ball well, reads the game and is fast. He’s not in a hurry, but has important cards to play”.

When asked about Marcus Thuram, who had a sensational summer alongside Romelu Lukaku, Stramaccioni endorsed both their performances. However, he made a distinction stating, “The Roma forward was already a known entity, Marcus wasn’t and has made an impact like only the greats”.

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