Juventus Shocks With Last-Minute Loan of Carlos Alcaraz

Juventus stuns with the last-minute loan signing of Carlos Alcaraz, the promising young Argentine player hailing from Southampton. This news has thrown the football world a curveball, earning a few chuckles in the process and sparking many questions: Who exactly is this 2002-born La Plata native, and most importantly, what are his statistics saying about him? Here, we take a look at a few interesting facts and figures about him.

“Among midfielders with a minimum of two appearances in the Championship since the beginning of December to the present, Carlos Alcaraz boasts the best average of involvement in goals—a goal every 79 minutes on average—attributed to two goals and one assist in just 238 minutes on the pitch. Surprised?” This data provided by Opta indicates that Juventus has recently got their hands on a player witnessing a definite upward trajectory.

Carlos has not exactly been a staple in the starting lineup. Out of the 27 games in which he was selected by the club, he has started in slightly less than half, came on as a substitute in another 10, and remained on the bench without a chance to play in four other instances. It is notable that Southampton shelled out 13 million pounds for him the previous year, a time when they were still in the Premier League.

In the season just gone by, Carlos scored four goals. This coincides with his team’s relegation, a fate he shares with McKennie, who suffered a similar fate with Leeds. He managed to score against Wolverhampton, Leicester, Arsenal, and Nottingham, with two of these goals being scored at home and the remaining two during away matches.

Adding intrigue to Alcaraz’s game is his versatility, a factor which makes him a mouldable asset for any coach. During his time at Southampton, Alcaraz was deployed as the main striker six times. It’s a role in which Juventus is well covered. Apart from this position, he has also acted in roles such as an attacking midfielder, central midfielder, right-winger, and left-winger. It comes as no surprise that he has already drawn comparisons to Arturo Vidal online.

Finally, standing at 183 cm tall, Carlos is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to aerial duels. Although not the tallest, his height is more than enough to give him an edge in this aspect of the game.

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