Stankovic on Fiorentina’s victory, Lazio-Inter match and growth of Hungarian football

Dejan Stankovic, coach of Ferencvaros who recently drew 1-1 with Fiorentina in the Conference League, is a former player of both Lazio and Inter. The big match between these two teams will tell us a lot about their future prospects. In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Stankovic discussed many topics.

Reflecting on Fiorentina’s performance, he stated, “Last year they created many opportunities and reaped little. However, in the end, Viola made it to two finals. Quality emerges eventually. I’m experiencing the same situation, we’ve lost points we didn’t deserve to lose. We’re behind the leader Paksi, but I’m optimistic because we’re training well. I would be much more worried if we were not dominating the games. Plus, I’ve been here for three months and we’ve already played many games with many injuries, key players like Varga and Traore.”

He also mentioned the growth of Hungarian football under the guidance of Marco Rossi, saying, “Yes, there is growth, starting from investments in infrastructure. Each club has its stadium and sports center. Then there’s Marco, who’s doing an excellent job, he’s in the European Championship for the second time. He’s changed the mentality. Thanks to him, we Italians are well-regarded.”

Regarding the clash between his former teams, Lazio and Inter, Stankovic said, “Starting from Inter, it’s terrifying. It’s a juggernaut. Now it has much less highs and lows, which is what makes the difference. Barella sets the pace, Calha and Micki are the brains. Acerbi is a pillar who keeps everyone in the correct positions. Perhaps more can be expected from changes in attack. But Inter can reach every end.”

Speaking about Lautaro Martinez and Marcus Thuram’s partnership, he expressed, “Different times, different Inter, they’re now running at a terrifying average. It’s different now, Lautaro is playing the pivot role to Thuram. The Frenchman doesn’t run, he glides. If you don’t stop him immediately, you’ll find him in the area.”

Lastly, when asked about three Italian coaches, Maurizio Sarri, Simone Inzaghi, and Vincenzo Italiano, Stankovic was full of praise, “Italiano. Not that I don’t like the others. Hats off to the master of 4-3-3, I need to catch up. But I see myself in Italiano: for the way he presses, manages the ball, and attacks. Can he manage a top team? Yes, absolutely.”

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