Sports Judge: Verona’s South Curve closed for two rounds due to racist chants at Makoumbou

The Serie A Sports Judge has decided to close Verona’s South Curve for two rounds following the recent racial incidents involving Cagliari player, Makoumbou.

This action comes after racial chants were reportedly aimed at a Cagliari player during the 7th minute of the second half. Federal Prosecutors’ collaborators, positioned across the stadium, recorded in their report that these chants were being initiated by about 1,000 of the 1,900 supporters of Hellas Verona. They were occupying the section known as “South Lower Curve”.

The scale and clearly perceivable nature of these offences have led to the current punitive action, as legislated under Article 28, paragraph 4 of the Italian Sports Group’s Regulations.

As a result, Hellas Verona will be mandated to compete in two matches devoid of spectators in the said section, “South Lower Curve”. Furthermore, the previously suspended sentence with Regulatory Order no. 246 of June 13, 2023, will now be revoked as stated under Article 28, paragraph 7 of the Italian Sports Group’s Regulations.

The latest step tends to highlight Serie A’s ongoing emphasis on eradicating racist behaviour from Italian football to create a more inclusive sport environment.

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