Sporting Judge: Heavy penalties for Mancini, Gasperini and Lazio

Significant decisions have been made by the Sports Judge following the quarterfinals of the Coppa Italia.

Defender Mancini has been handed a three-match ban for his behaviour on the field. According to the official statement, this is Mancini’s first sanction. He was cited for his actions after the final whistle when he approached the referee, signalling to his teammates not to shake the referee’s hand. He was described as expressing “seriously offensive” expressions towards the referee in an “hostile attitude”. Later, Mancini was seen waiting for the referee near the changing room stairs where he continued to confront the official with equally offensive expressions.

Similarly, Manager Gasperini has also received a two-game suspension. The punishment was imposed for offensive remarks directed at the referee at the 38th minute of the first half, during an issuance of a yellow card.

Moreover, Lazio is penalised. The sport’s ruling stipulates the team’s obligation to play one match with the sections named “North Curve”, “Distinguished North, East, and West” devoid of spectators. The sanction is to be implemented following the rules set under Article 20, paragraph 1, CGS deemed applicable to the offence.

These decisions underscore the need for respect towards officials in football, reminding players and teams of the consequences of misdemeanors on and off the field.

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