Spezia, Gazzoli: Aim is to provide coach with new players early in the New Year

Andrea Gazzoli, CEO of Spezia, has spoken to the press about the upcoming transfer market for the Italian football team.

Gazzoli intends to provide the team manager with new, capable players from the outset of the new year. The Spezia is currently struggling, with injured players, young, less experienced squad and some members being forced to adapt to positions outside of their expertise.

In response to the dynamic development of the transfer market, Gazzoli believes it is best to take action sooner rather than later. He didn’t quantify the entries but he declared their interest is focused on two or three specific roles.

Competent, highly motivated players are at the top of the list, particularly considering the challenges in the second part of the season requiring commitment and persistence. Gazzoli stated: “We need players who believe they can save themselves even up to the last minute of the last day”.

The executive is not only looking for Italian players but also foreign ones as long as they can effectively integrate with the existing team. “Whether they’re Italian or foreign doesn’t matter, but they need to integrate with the characteristics of those that are already here,” the club’s CEO is quoted as saying during the press conference.

The football executive assured that the team will not be moving their key players. However, he also admitted that there will be regular exits as motivations need to be found in incoming players as well as in those already on their team. The club has not quantified these departures either.

Gazzoli reiterated the need for players who are firmly committed and motivated, anticipating a challenging second half of the season.

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