Spanish Reports Suggest Rabiot’s Potential Future in La Liga with Juve

As the future of Adrien Rabiot at Juventus becomes increasingly uncertain, reports in Spain are confident the midfielder could even be playing in La Liga next season. According to Catalan broadcaster 3Cat’s programme, Esport3, Barcelona have set their sights on the Frenchman.

Rabiot’s contract with Juventus is set to end in June, and there has been no word of a possible renewal. “Barcelona have placed Rabiot in their crosshairs. There’s no whisper of a renewal with Juventus, and the Catalans could snap him up as his contract expires,” the broadcasters said during their Esport3 programme.

Whether Rabiot will remain in Turin or bid Juventus goodbye is unclear. However, the likelihood of the French midfielder donning a Barcelona jersey next season has certainly increased. All eyes will now be on Juventus, Rabiot, and the impending transfer window.

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