Spalletti opposes Super League, recognizes new young talent in Italy

Luciano Spalletti, Italy’s head coach, has provided an insight into his role, discussed Italy’s up-and-coming football prospects and shared his views on the Super League during a comprehensive interview with Rai 2. He also highlighted the differences between De Laurentiis, a businessman, and Gravina, a life-long football man.

While reminiscing about the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Spalletti said, “I remember everything about that World Cup: the unity fostered by Lippi, the sequence of five penalty kickers confident of scoring in the final, and each tackle infused with the team’s spirit.”

On comparing De Laurentiis and Gravina, he stated, “They are like day and night: one is a businessman, the other a lifelong soccer man, it is only right that they have different approaches. It is undeniable that they are both successful presidents, doing important things for our football.”

Spalletti revealed appreciation for the support he has received from Gravina, and highlighted the importance of Italian football’s values and advancing young talent, stating, “What I liked most about Gravina is that he has always made me feel comfortable, showing me esteem and focusing on the values of Italian football and youth.”

In regards to the Super League, Spalletti expressed concern over the shifting dynamics in football. “We are losing the good fragrances and flavours of the past, those of the earth, the tradition of people celebrating around a flag, the surprise of David beating Goliath. It’s as if the future has to be invented and written by the rules of the powerful. Someone wants to dictate what the only football to watch is, they do not understand that as long as there is a ball and space for two goals people will continue to choose the football that most fascinates them.”

Discussing the up-and-coming talent in Italian football, the head coach explained, “My role is like that of a dowser. My duty is to watch, observe, discover everything that can make people rejoice. For example, Kayode, Ranieri, Koleosho, and Casadei are all talents we’ve been tracking for a while. Bove is already a certainty, I have enjoyed Lucca’s recent performances, and then there’s Prati, Calafiori who is a certainty on the left and in the center, and is ready for the national team.”

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