Spalletti: Football is made up of 3 components

Luciano Spalletti, Italy’s head coach, shared his aspirations, future plans, and his current experience with the Italian national team in an interview with Sportweek.

Spalletti, speaking about his childhood dream, said, “Let’s say that what I had when I was little has come true.” Sportweek reported.

When asked about his current free time, he responded, “Well, not so much. To be honest, I thought I would have more.”

It was revealed that Spalletti has a fascination with animals, particularly birds of prey. He said, “The ones that most intrigue me or those that I really like to see are the animals that can fly, specifically raptors.”

Talking about the competitive nature of football, Spalletti indirectly mentioned at the cutthroat competition. He said, “In general, the world is like this. Where there are only a few positions, maybe highly coveted, you have to assert your worth…”

Spalletti also confirmed his close relationship with footballer Giovanni Di Lorenzo. “I can confirm it all. I am very fond of Giovanni, and I have to say that the group that was created in Napoli was crucial to the success. The boys were always collaborative, each thinking of themselves and their teammates.”

He also discussed his philosophy on relational football. He believes there is a physical aspect, a technical aspect, and a relational aspect of football. According to him, relational football can greatly enhance the physical and technical elements of the game. “If you become a team, in addition to being eleven good footballers, it improves the game and results come. That’s what I want to do with the National team,” he stated.

The direct quotes were from the interview conducted by Sportweek.

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