Spain welcomes Mbappé as France bids him farewell

Kylian Mbappé has reportedly informed Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) of his intentions to leave the Parisian club and Ligue 1 football altogether. After this development, rumours are rife about the question on every football fan’s lips – is Madrid his next destination?

Popular French magazine ‘Figaro Sport’ reflected on the situation, stressing, “PSG: Players of a ‘world-class’ stature, Luis Campos, end of superstars… Kylian Mbappé is leaving, and now what?”

Adding fuel to the speculations, French sports newspaper L’Equipe stated: “It’s decided, I am leaving you.”

In Spain, sports newspaper ‘As’ echoed the thoughts, with a telling headline: “Goodbye, Paris.”

Meanwhile, Spanish daily ‘Marca’ put out a cryptic message: “He is leaving and arriving,” hinting towards an impending move to Madrid.

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