Soulé Discusses Future with Juventus but Remains Unsure of the Outcome

Matias Soulé recently made some illuminating remarks about his future career opportunities and the option of returning to Juventus. Speaking to ESPN, he said, “At Juventus, I didn’t have many chances to play and I accepted this solution.”

Soulé, currently on loan to Frosinone from the Argentine side, did not conceal the ongoing dialogue with Juventus about his potential return. He added, “I am speaking with Juventus, I do not know yet what will happen.”

The gifted footballer’s comments have subsequently fuelled transfer rumours and breathed life into the speculative discussion about his impending career decision. However, neither Juventus nor Frosinone has officially commented on this matter yet. More details are awaited regarding Soulé’s future, as fans and analysts keep a vigilant eye on the unfolding transfer saga.

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