Skriniar: Inter is among the world’s largest clubs, it’s been beautiful

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) defender Milan Skriniar has reminisced about his time at Inter Milan, famed Italian football club, in a recent interview with the PSG’s official channels.

Regarded as one of the biggest football clubs not only in Italy but globally, Skriniar stated, “It’s one of the biggest clubs, not only in Italy, but in the world. I was there for six years, they were magnificent.” Skriniar’s six-year tenure at Inter was marked with significant success and progress, including winning five trophies.

On joining Inter, Skriniar moved the team from years without Champions League play, to qualifying in his first year. He reflects on this saying, “When I arrived, we hadn’t played in the Champions League for years, but we qualified in the first year. It was a great moment for both me and the club.”

The pinnacle of Skriniar’s time at Inter was winning the league championship, an achievement he refers to as his best moment when he stated, “The best moment was when we won the Scudetto.”

Further details and updates on this story can be found on Inter News 24.

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