Sevilla, Ramos: Only the referee saw the crazy penalty

Seville’s defender Sergio Ramos expressed his regrets after his team’s elimination from the Champions League, despite his goal against Lens not being enough to avoid both Champions League and Europa League exit.

The Seville defender described the night as difficult, adding, “It’s always sad to say goodbye to the Champions League. We had a great chance to win, but it’s the little details that make the difference”, according to a post-match interview. Ramos, however, praised the team spirit despite the disappointing result, saying that arriving with 15 players and eight youngsters was something they could be proud of, maintaining that they have a clear conscience.

Besides, Ramos was also critical of the referee’s decision during the match. According to him, the penalty decision was absurd, “I have always been a supporter of VAR, which is there to assist in case of doubt, to provide the opportunity to see and make the correct decision. This penalty was seen only by the referee. We are not clinging to this, but it’s scandalous.”

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