Serie B imposes major disqualification on Kasami and Marconi

The Sports Judge of Serie B has made their official rulings following the recent championship round. These revelations have been disclosed in an official statement released by Italy’s Serie B.

The statement includes the suspension of Ivan Marconi from Palermo and Pajtim Kasami of Sampdoria. “Ivan Marconi (Palermo) [is] suspended for three actual match days and cautioned,” read the statement. This has been issued due to Marconi’s improper behaviour towards an opponent, specifically for hitting an opposing team’s player with a punch to the stomach in the 46th minute of the second half when the ball was far from play.

The statement further revealed, “Pajtim Kasami (Sampdoria) [is] suspended for three actual match days.” This suspension has been enforced as Kasami was found to have deliberately hit an opponent in the chest with his elbow in the 32nd minute of the second half, while the ball was not within playing distance. These decisions reflect Serie B’s commitment to maintaining fair play among competing teams.

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