Serie B, Balata: Time is up, major reforms needed

In a recent event with the Lombardy Region, Mauro Balata, President of the Serie B League, shared his views on possible reforms in Italian football.

Balata was quoted saying, “We are a profoundly innovative movement, and we believe that Italian football is still one of the most important brands in the world that needs to be protected.” This statement was made during a public event with the Lombardy Region.

He urged the need for Italian football to embrace modernisation and reforms to remain competitive globally. “There is a need to stimulate a movement, and modernisation pathways are also required,” Balata stated.

Balata stressed the importance of unity in implementing these reforms, saying that “reforms should be made by everyone together.” However, he also recognised that tough decisions must be made promptly, stating “at some point, important choices that can no longer wait need to be taken to regain competitiveness”.

Balata’s comments reflect strong conviction towards rejuvenating Italian football and the necessity for stakeholders to work collaboratively for this cause. With such comments surfacing, reforms in Italian football could be upcoming.

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