Serie A, all the surprises in the goal zone of all the teams in the Italian championship at the start of this season. What are the surprises that Serie A has offered so far in this first part of the season? Let’s discover team by team the most significant ones related to the most important thing: scoring goals.

ATALANTA – The top scorer is a midfielder, Ederson. Who has scored in the league and in the Europa League.

BOLOGNA – In the last 2 matches, Orsolini scored a hat-trick and a penalty. Could this be the right year for him to become a high-altitude goal scorer?

CAGLIARI – Luvumbo, you take care of it. He seems to be the only one who can solve Ranieri’s many problems.

EMPOLI – Only one goal in the league. However, it was well spent, enough to earn 3 points.

FIORENTINA – Many things are working. Including Duncan, Italiano’s best assist man.

FROSINONE – He may not be a giant, but SoulĂ© scores all his goals with his head.

GENOA – Retegui’s impact has been excellent. He’s not yet Milito, but he’s on the path to becoming one.

INTER – With 10 goals in 8 matches, Lautaro could also aspire to the Serie A goal-scoring record.

JUVENTUS – Danilo in Empoli, Gatti and Milik in the derby. Juventus score from corners. It’s not surprising, what is surprising is that they continue to do so.

LAZIO – Two goals in the league, one in the Champions League, all of significant importance. We’re not talking about Immobile, but about Vecino.

LECCE – Unknown to most, but not to Corvino, Krstovic has already scored 4 goals. And everyone is talking about him.

MILAN – Pulisic scores like Giroud, Leao assists like Giroud. Olivier is the cornerstone, the novelty lies in the excellence in both aspects.

MONZA – It was anticipated that he would explode, but not like this. The 4 goals scored by Colpani and the way he invents them are making quite a buzz.

NAPOLI – Between the league and the Champions League, 5 penalties scored, 2 missed, 4 different players taking them. So, who decides who takes the penalty?

ROMA – Belotti has been reborn. Last year he didn’t seem like himself anymore, now he scores so many goals that he resembles Lukaku.

SALERNITANA – Candreva is the top scorer, Candreva creates them. Easy question: who can save this team? Vote for Antonio.

SASSUOLO – Pinamonti already has 5 goals to his name, including in the Coppa Italia. And what if he finishes the year in the top positions of the goal-scoring chart?

TORINO – The player most scolded by Juric is the one who scores the most: Radonjic. Imagine if he didn’t…

UDINESE – Samardzic’s goal against Napoli is one of the most beautiful seen in Serie A so far. It was reminiscent of Maradona in Diego’s stadium, and it’s not an exaggeration.

VERONA – Ngonge is the leader with 2 goals. But it is quite evident that he can do much more.

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