Serie A, Growth Decree Halted? Government Details Revealed

There could be significant changes upcoming for Italy’s top-tier football league, Serie A, in relation to the Growth Decree. As reported by Italian news outlet Il Sole 24 Ore, the Italian government is currently considering a removal of said decree.

The next transfer window in January poses a significant challenge for Italian football clubs. It appears that the prevailing sentiment within the government is to do away with the tax relief measures introduced by the Growth Decree back in 2019.

A source cited by Il Sole 24 Ore said that, “Italian clubs will have to make do without these fiscal benefits in the next transfer market”.

A proposed compromise solution is currently under consideration. This involves the extension of these benefits to contract renewals, albeit not beyond a five-year limit from first registration. This proposal is being worked on in coordination with Italy’s Sports Minister, Andrea Abodi.

However, no official statement has been released by the government confirming these alterations to the Growth Decree, but we can expect to hear more updates around this crucial issue in the near future.

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