Sassuolo, Dionisi: Frustrated with my boys, previous game should have served as a lesson

Alessio Dionisi, manager of Sassuolo, expressed his disappointment following his side’s loss against Cagliari in an post-match interview with Sky Sport.

Dionisi commented on a foul on Thorsvedt which went unpunished, saying that such decisions had to be accepted, as matches are ultimately played by the players. He also voiced his irritation with his own team, expressing his belief that they failed to learn from their previous encounter.

Following the match, Dionisi reportedly told Sky Sport, “I’m angry with my boys, last game should have served us as a lesson. Both of our central defenders were cautioned and I couldn’t afford to make substitutions by tempting fate.”

Dionisi continued emphasizing the challenge of playing with absences. He commended those who participated, saying, “Those who played did well. With a man down, I had to make choices.” He also noted that one of his defenders got injured during the match.

His direct irritation manifested when he mentioned that it was not acceptable to finish games with ten men two games in a row. He mentioned that they “had spent a lot in the previous game, then it becomes hard.”

A full version of Dionisi’s post-match comments can be found on Cagliari News 24.

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