Sassuolo, Dionisi: A pity we couldn’t win it

Sassuolo’s manager, Alessio Dionisi, has expressed his thoughts following the match against Udinese.

Speaking to Dazn after the Udinese-Sassuolo match, Dionisi shared his views about the game.

The turning point in the game came in the 60th minute, Dioinsi said, adding that it was “a shame” they didn’t win considering how they performed in the final part of the match. He applauded his players for not giving up, although admitting their start was slow. They went into a double disadvantage, but he insisted that they couldn’t have bounced back without being a team.

He went on to comment about how the occurrences in the match favoured them, highlighting the noticeable difference when a team is down to ten players, something they have often experienced.

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