Sarri accuses Serie A League of ambush against Lazio

Lazio’s coach, Maurizio Sarri, has offered remarks following his side’s Coppa Italia match against Roma. According to Sportmediaset, Sarri expressed his thoughts on the game’s key moments.

Sarri argued that the controversial penalty, reviewed by the video assistant referee (VAR), was indisputably a foul. He stated, “With VAR, it’s a clear penalty, there is quite significant contact.”
Sarri also questioned the fixture’s scheduling, particularly after a midweek derby, suggesting it was adversely affecting the team’s performance.

“At this moment, it’s so far off that we’re not even interested,” said Sarri. He also highlighted the unusual time of their upcoming Sunday match, implying a perceived unfair treatment by the league.

“Following a midweek derby, which is catastrophic for nerve energy, we are strangely playing on Sunday at 12:30. Those who played last night play on Monday. This is a league ambush against us,” Sarri added.

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