Santos, Texeira announces: No 10 Pelé in B league

In a major development in Brazilian football, Santos FC has been relegated after 111 years in top-level football. This shock announcement was made by the club’s newly elected President, Texeira.

The club’s predicament has been further amplified by President Texeira’s momentous declaration, “No Santos player will wear Pelé’s number 10 as long as the club remains in the second tier.” This decision holds as the president’s first step in his endeavour to rebuild the club after their disappointing season.

According to President Texeira, the retirement of iconic number 10 jersey, often associated with football legend Pelé, is a part of the club’s strategy to revive and steer the team back into the top flight of Brazilian football.

However, the execution of this approach and the club’s comeback journey will be the focus of sports fans, and football enthusiasts worldwide, as Santos FC navigates through this challenging phase in the club’s long-standing history.

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