Santa Claus? It’s Mourinho

José Mourinho, head coach of Roma, was praised after his acts of goodwill made an impact both on and off the football pitch. Known for his impactful contributions, Mourinho recently attended the Christmas party of local charity, Casal Caletto. A video shared by the Roma football club on social media revealed Mourinho providing needy families in the La Rustica district with food items and children with gifts.

Known as the “Special One”, Mourinho doesn’t play Santa literally, with no beard or hat. But he was described as Santa in spirit, in an opinion piece by La Gazzetta dello Sport of his 2-0 win against Napoli. Headlined by praises for his tactical prowess, the article claimed that Mourinho delivered a display of great football strategy, earning him an adoring fan base. Mourinho was credited with successfully controlling the game and then crushing Napoli with his tactical changes, a display that meant much more to the Roma fans than any Christmas present.

It was thus a truly Merry Christmas for Roma and their fans, thanks to their very own Santa Clause – José Mourinho, an individual who not only gave them a strategic victory against Napoli, but also made real-life significant contributions to the needy families of Rome.

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