Sampdoria, Pirlo: Brescia match was a lesson and must not happen again

Andrea Pirlo, the head coach of Sampdoria has addressed the press ahead of their Serie B match against Lecco. This information comes from recent coverage by TMW.

Speaking on the club’s recent loss to Brescia, Pirlo said, “I think the players have got the message. They were the first ones to be disappointed after the match. I think the game against Brescia served as a lesson and it should not happen again.”

Discussing their upcoming opponents, Pirlo stated, “Tomorrow we face a team that is doing well, that is in good health, and has changed its trend since their managerial change. It is a very aggressive team that plays good football. This match has to be approached with care as if we do not have the right attitude, we may end up regretting it at the end, something we certainly don’t want.”

On Vieira’s injury, Pirlo revealed, “We have many options. We have midfielders who can adapt to that position. We will assess this afternoon who can play in Vieira’s place as we will miss him for a few games. But we won’t have problems replacing him even though it may be with players of different characteristics.”

Regarding Ricci’s performance since returning from injury, the coach commented indirectly that he has shown good form, training regularly and continuously. A hint of reassurance was also given for Yepes’s current position in the team with Pirlo praising how he has been dealing with the training sessions confidently.

He finished by saying, “His opportunity will come, it could be tomorrow or next week.”

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