Salernitana’s Iervolino: Now taking a tough stand, I’ve lost enthusiasm

Danilo Iervolino, the president of Salernitana, has voiced his concerns over the team’s current situation at a press conference.

He began by expressing his dismay at the discomfort they are experiencing. “We’re last in the standings, and this isn’t a team built to be there,” he told reporters. He noted his significant investment over the last two years, along with his constant interaction with players and management, signifying his deep concern for the team.

Furthermore, he accepted responsibility for the team’s current plight. “It’s only right that the president should face up to the fact that the choices of managers and players are my responsibility,” he stated. Despite the fact that the president had acquired top-tier players, Iervolino expressed disappointment over some of the squad’s lack of motivation and determination, specifically those who wish to leave the team.

“I will have a very firm hand with many of them,” he warned. “I will send away those who do not wish to remain in January. From now on, we will only take on people who are absolutely passionate about being in Salerno, who love these colours and this city, and are always ready to help.” He blamed internal strife as a source of their problems but vowed to work towards improvement.

Speaking about transfer policy, Iervolino said, “No president in the history of Salernitana and in the Italian championship spends as much as me, unless some American fund.” He admitted the need to make better financial arrangements and signalled a more active approach in the transfer market after four passive sessions.

Tackling the topic of the team’s mistakes, Iervolino expressed regret but remained resolute in his decisions. He said he would not foster unrealistic expectations that could lead to delusions like those they are currently experiencing.

“Clearly the project sees me less charged and less motivated. I still have the same love and respect, but I am burnt out,” he confessed. Despite the poor performance and the fractured relationship with a section of the fans, Iervolino stressed the importance of perseverance, likening the struggle to personal losses he endured in his life.

“I never expected to live this situation with the public or this position in the classification. But I roll up my sleeves, this is the story of my life. Stomach to the ground and work. It’s the only thing to do to reach the third historic salvation,” he concluded.

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