Salernitana, Sabatini returns: No head chopping, Sousa wouldn’t come back to Salerno

Veteran football executive, Walter Sabatini, has officially made a return to Serie A club, Salernitana, which he confirmed during an interview with Telecolore.

Sounding optimistic about his return, Sabatini distanced himself from rumours of a potential restructuring of the team’s staff. He said, “I am not a headhunter and I never go to a place to do this kind of operations.”

On the subject of Paulo Sousa, the former coach, Sabatini was less than optimistic about his return to the coaching role. He expressed his belief that “even if he were the last coach available, he would not return to Salerno.”

In moving forward and refocusing on the club’s affairs, he stated, “Now I can’t wait to dive into work”.

This official reassurance from Sabatini likely comforts fans and members of Salernitana, as his experience and dedicated leadership usher in a new phase for the team.

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