Salernitana, Pirola: ‘No worries, we must give our best’

Salernitana defender Lorenzo Pirola spoke ahead of the kick-off of the match against Sassuolo. Speaking to Dazn before the game, Pirola said, “The coach tries to give us a precise mentality, we need more head than legs to get out of this situation. We have to go on the field without worries and give our best.”

Pirola’s words shed light on the team’s mindset as they prepared to face off against Sassuolo. The defender emphasized the importance of mental strength in their approach to the match. “The coach’s focus on mentality reflects the team’s need to approach the game with a clear and determined mindset,” he said.

With Salernitana striving to make an impact in the match, Pirola emphasized the need for the players to put their all into the game. “We must go on the field without worries and give our maximum effort,” he stated, highlighting the team’s determination to give their all on the pitch amidst their challenging situation.

The defender’s words exemplify the team’s commitment to overcome their challenges and give their best performance on the field. As Salernitana geared up to face Sassuolo, Pirola’s comments underscored the team’s determination and focus as they aimed to secure a positive result in the match.

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