Sabatini Raises the Stakes in the Tug of War for Manolas between Verona and Salernitana

The transfer market is heating up in Italy as free agent ‘luxury’ player, Manolas finds himself as a hot commodity. Both Verona and Salernitana are jostling to secure his signature, creating an exciting market duel until the very end.

Verona is engaging in a fierce competition with Salernitana to secure the signature of the ex-Roma and Napoli player, Manolas. An initial five-month contract at 400,000 euros has been proposed to the Greek centre back.

However, last night saw a renewed push from Sabatini, raising the bar to include a 500,000 euros deal, along with a contract renewal for another two seasons, given the condition that the Campanians maintain their position in Serie A.

This renewal would be worth 1 million euros annually, heightening the stakes of this transfer situation.

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