Sabatini lowers Salernitana’s survival chances from 7% to 5%

The likely fate of Serie A club Salernitana has garnered attention due to the return of Walter Sabatini as director. Two years ago, Sabatini had a memorable run at Salernitana, making headlines when he vehemently criticised betting agencies for giving the club a 93% probability of relegation. He later conceded that those odds were realistic.

This time around, Sabatini has taken a different approach, stating that the club holds a 5% chance of survival. Despite the slim odds, he believes it’s sufficient reason to foster hopes in the team. During a recent announcement, Sabatini was quoted saying, “We have a 5% chance of survival, but that isn’t insignificant.”

Sabatini’s keen ambitiousness to avoid the club’s potential descent into lower league was prominent in his declaration: “I don’t want to be relegated, I shouldn’t be, I want to stay afloat, regardless of what it takes. If it doesn’t happen, I would consider it a personal failure,” he added.

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