Sabatini: Fiorentina has all the qualities to make it to the Champions League

Former AS Roma Sporting Director, Walter Sabatini, shared his thoughts on the upcoming Sunday football match between Roma and Fiorentina on RadioFirenzeViola.

“Victories assist. The scenario would have been different if Fiorentina had lost on penalties, making it through the round surely motivates you, it makes you stronger,” Sabatini was quoted as saying on RadioFirenzeViola.

He did not hesitate to point out that Fiorentina has all the qualities necessary to aim for the Champions League. Their strong squad depth, along with the quality of their players, according to Sabatini, are their two key strengths.

However, the match against Roma, he noted, will surely act as a watershed moment. When asked about the current Roma coach Jose Mourinho, Sabatini declined to comment, preferring instead to focus on Fiorentina’s coach, Vincenzo Italiano.

Underlining his respect for Coach Italiano, Sabatini described him as an “up-and-coming talent who needs to complete his upward trajectory by leading Fiorentina into the prestigious European cup”. He further elaborated on the importance of winning the Conference League but underlined that the real prize is always the Champions League.

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