Sabatini: Bologna soars with Mihajlovic’s spirit, on Roma…

In an exclusive interview with Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, former sporting director Walter Sabatini discussed the Serie A clash between Bologna and Roma.

Sabatini highlighted the caliber of the game, saying: “It’s a great match between two teams that are performing extremely well.” He added, in an air of nostalgia, that these matches remind him of his own past. It’s a painful reminder of the fleeting nature of time, as the teams evolve, but it also signifies the lasting impact of his contributions.

He applauded Bologna for their remarkable league performance this season, attributing it to the fantastic work of the club and head coach Motta’s wholesome, productive, and aesthetically pleasing style of football. But Sabatini was keen to mention another pivotal figure in Bologna’s success.

“Driving the team forward is Mihajlovic,” Sabatini continued, avoiding any traces of hyperbole. In Sabatini’s viewpoint, everything happening at Bologna derives strength from the spirit and soul of Sinisa Mihajlovic. The passion and dedication of the remaining players have transmitted a palpable energy. Arriving at the Casteldebole training centre and seeing images of the hero that Sinisa was evokes immense force in the team.

Sabatini didn’t hesitate to express his missing of Mihajlovic in more personal terms. He said: “I miss him a lot, as a person and as a friend. We lived in near symbiosis – laughing, playing, drinking Serbian brandy shots together.” According to Sabatini, Mihajlovic fought battles like he’d never seen before – he ‘violated his own body’ for Bologna. This showcases him as not just an exemplary figure of life, but also an excellent coach.

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