Rummenigge says no to Super League, claims Andrea Agnelli has lost everything, including image

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, executive member of UEFA and top executive at Bayern Munich, has voiced his views on the proposed Super League, according to Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Popularly known as the “Super League Loser” Rummenigge commented, “It’s a fact, Europe has rejected the project. Only the legal confirmation remains.”

In terms of concern, Rummenigge was anxious on the night the Super League was announced. He disclosed, “It was the rupture moment. I wondered: ‘What if they really do provoke a revolution? It would be chaos.’ Within two days the bubble had burst.”

He also shared his perceived disillusionment with Andrea Agnelli, chairman of Juventus and former President of the European Club Association (ECA). He said, “I haven’t been able to talk to Andrea since the Sunday he turned off his phone. He chose not to attend the Montreux meeting and did not respond to calls. I think he didn’t have the courage to declare his intentions.”

Rummenigge further remarked on the way the Super League was unveiled. “I get that the coronavirus has forced clubs to speed up and some wanted fresh money, but that presentation was far from professional.”

On the topic of the Super League, Rummenigge expressed a belief that it could lead to football losing its roots. He stated that plans to include Arab and American teams and create an international tournament fundamentally alter what European football is about.

He concluded by touching upon UEFA’s resistance to the Super League model and its implications for football. He feels the Super League was rejected for cultural, football and economic reasons and stresses UEFA provides the best possible tournament with the upcoming 36-team Champions League set to be more exciting and open. Furthermore, he highlighted that no team in Germany would go for the Super League as it would lead to supporters’ revolt.

Rummenigge also addressed the escalating costs in football, a conversation he touched upon in an interaction with Liverpool’s owner. He noted, “I was told: ‘Why in the US where I invest do I earn, yet here every year I win and costs increase?’ Winning and revenues are on the rise, but so are salaries and transfers.”

He believes this issue can only be resolved by finding a smart way to stop the upward spiral that only benefits those with unlimited money.

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