Rummenigge Reveals Decision on Zirkzee’s Clause Yet to be Made

Karl-Heinze Rummenigge, a board member of Bayern Munich, has spoken to Gazzetta dello Sport about Bologna’s shining star Zirkzee, and the speculated €40 million buy-back clause that Bayern Munich has for the player.

Rummenigge stated, “I recall my last year as Managing Director, he played well and whenever Flick put him on the pitch, he always scored crucial goals, not the fourth or fifth of the match. He helped us clinch important games: I’m happy for him that he’s doing well, he deserves it, I’ve always seen him play well for us. His misfortune was having someone like Lewandowski in front of him. We just hired a new Sporting Director, Max Eberl. I don’t want to interfere in his work, he needs to show the great qualities I believe he has. I don’t want to influence him. I don’t know whether the clause will be activated or not, it’s part of the summer market that’s yet to happen.”

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