Rubinho warns Inter: If Allegri takes the lead, you won’t catch him anymore

Former Juventus goalkeeper, Rubinho, has spoken out about the ongoing Serie A title feud in an interview with Tuttosport.

Rubinho, known for his time at Juve, candidly expressed his views on the race for the Scudetto. He said, “When you play at Juve, you must always aim for the top. However, Inter remains the favourite, but they must also be careful.”

Restarting from the last part of his speech, the former goalkeeper drew from his personal experience with Juventus manager, Massimiliano Allegri. He subtly alluded that Allegri, once ahead in the league race, is usually impossible to surpass.

Rubinho continued, implying a thrilling end to the season if Juventus manage to overtake their rivals in the race. He said, “If Juve takes the lead, it will be fun…”.

Further details of Rubinho’s interview can be found on Juventus News 24.

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