Ruben Sosa: Inter could win everything

Former Lazio and Inter Milan player, Ruben Sosa has weighed in on the upcoming match, in a chat with Tuttosport.

According to Sosa, Inter Milan’s performance has greatly improved and is strong enough to clinically clinch victory in all its endeavors this year. In his words, “Inter are playing great football and can win everything this year. Not only the Scudetto but also the Champions League.” This, he states, is something already proven in the past season due to their international value.

Simone Inzaghi, the man behind the scenes, gets lauded by Sosa for his intelligence and incessant drive to win. His successful transmission of these qualities to the team was highlighted, with Sosa referring to him as a well-prepared coach.

“The merit is mainly of one person… Simone Inzaghi is a very intelligent man and always plays to win. He has transmitted his mentality to the team that follows him in everything and for everything,” Sosa told Tuttosport. He recalls past meetings with Inzaghi during his time at Lazio, as he had predicted then that Inzaghi would climb to lofty heights in his career.

On Lautaro Martinez, Sosa’s applauds were just as effusive. Lautaro, who he affectionately refers to as “Toro” is said to have significantly grown over the years into one of the best footballers in the world. Beyond scoring, Sosa highly appreciates Lautaro’s contribution in assisting the team, a role he adds, is hard to come by in many players.

Lastly, Ciro Immobile, Lazio’s captain is defended strongly by Sosa against criticisms suggesting the end of his career. He expressed annoyance towards such notions, questioning why one would underestimate a footballer who has scored 200 goals, implying that the striker’s value should be recognised.

In his exact words, “Whoever lays a finger on Ciro is in trouble! Immobile is a great forward and a true captain. Every now and then they say he’s finished and this makes me angry. How can you dismiss someone who has scored 200 goals? In my opinion, he remains crucial and can still give a lot to Lazio.”.

Clearly, Sosa’s insights as a veteran of both teams have given him unique perspectives on the key elements that will shape the fate of his storied former clubs in the upcoming match, and the rest of the season.

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