Rooney discusses sacking: No time given to new coaches

Former Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney has commented on his sacking from Birmingham via Twitter.

Rooney stated: “I want to thank Tom Wagner, Tom Brady and Garry Cook for the opportunity to manage Birmingham and the support they have given me during my brief experience with the club.”

The footballing legend was all too aware of the unfulfilling results that led to his heave-ho from the boss’s seat, acknowledging that his results were not representative of the stature of the club. However, he firmly held the view that a coach requires a considerable amount of time to instigate significant improvements to the game.

In his tweet, Rooney also expressed his disappointment at the short time he was given to make substantial changes. The former England forward implied that 13 weeks was not a sufficient duration to bring about meaningful alterations to the gameplay.

Rooney concluded by saying, “It will take me some time to internalize this decision. I will take some time out to spend with my family. I wish Birmingham the best.”

This occurrence with Birmingham illustrates the volatile and results-driven nature of the sport, where even past achievements and reputation do not necessarily guarantee a stable future in management.

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