Roma’s Tiago Pinto: Mourinho knows how to pull players’ strings

Before the start of the Roma-Udinese match, Roma’s General Manager, Tiago Pinto, had a conversation with Dazn. In his comments, Pinto spoke highly of Roma’s coach, Jose Mourinho, and his relationship with the players.

Pinto said, “It’s a dialogue that is part of the relationship between the coach and players. Mourinho knows well how to touch the players’ chords, so I agree with what he said”.

Pinto was referring to the comments Mourinho made earlier about his squad before the match against Udinese.

He expressed total agreement with the tactics Mourinho uses to inspire and motivate his football players.

His public support of the coach came before an important match, highlighting the unity at the top levels of the club. Pinto seemed to indicate that Mourinho’s methods are well-received by both the club’s management and the players themselves.

Likewise, this revelation could offer insight into Roma’s strategic planning both on and off the pitch, placing a strong emphasis on a close-knit relationship between the coach and his squad.

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