Roma’s Mourinho: If we get a defender in January market, I’m already happy

Ahead of tomorrow’s match against Sheriff, Jose Mourinho, the head coach of Roma, addressed the media at a press conference.

“Our market will always be suitable for what we can do. I don’t want one thing, Tiago another, the owners another. We all want the same thing,” Mourinho was quoted as saying in the press conference. He emphasized unity and consistency in decision-making within the club.

Mourinho also highlighted the disparate financial realities facing different football clubs. He cited Manchester City’s ability to pay 80 million for Philips and subsequently offload him in January for a fresh acquisition, implying that Roma operates under different constraints.

“We would like to take 1-2-3-4 players, we all want to try to strengthen the team, to be stronger. But we struggle to do it,” the Roma coach said. Turning his attention to the upcoming January transfer window, Mourinho candidly stated, “Honestly, if we get a defender in January, I am already happy. Would I like more? Sure, but it’s not feasible.”

Mourinho also identified some obstacles the club might need to overcome in the UEFA list. Regarding the potential inclusion of Kristiansen and Azmoun, he said, “I wish people understood and were honest when speaking of objectives.”

Mourinho expressed gratitude to the fans, whose unwavering support he acknowledged, albeit with a caveat. “There, it’s the team that needs to feel the support. So don’t do it for me.” Despite his gratitude, Mourinho indicated that he would rather the passion from the stands be directed towards the team rather than personalizing it. He ended his statement with gratitude for the fans.

As Roma looks ahead to its match against Sheriff and anticipatesthe January transfer window, Mourinho’s words underscore a pragmatic, unified approach, within the constraints the club faces.

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