Roma’s Mourinho Apologises to Renato Sanches

Following Roma’s defeat against Bologna, manager Jose Mourinho spoke with DAZN about the challenges his team faced.

Referring to Renato Sanches, Mourinho said, “I want to publicly apologise to Renato Sanches, it is tough for a player but it’s tougher for a coach. I apologise.” Mourinho explained that without certain key players, his team struggle significantly, especially when they face physically challenging opponents. “Without Dybala the class isn’t there, without Lukaku the power isn’t there and without the two, I knew it was going to be tough.”

Decrying the physical toll the match took on his players, Mourinho especially noted the struggles of Mancini, “He is in great difficulty, he’s playing with a strong pubalgia and plays because the team needs him. Other players have their own physical and technical limits.”

He pointed out the technical difficulties some of his players had to face against the likes of Moro, Ferguson and Ndoye. The manager also affirmed his commitment to the Roman side, “I want to continue at Roma and if I continue at Roma we must consider working with some young player rather than players with no potential growth.”

Regarding the crucial upcoming month, he touched upon the quality of his team, “The size of the team is known to me, this team has the quality to recover as we did last year, reaching the Europa League final.”

Mourinho also revealed he hadn’t spoken to the club yet after the match, “When I see these fans after such a game, it’s hard to be in love with your own team. Separation would always be tough for me, if it has to happen it will never be by my decision.”

Praising Thiago Motta, Mourinho affectionately called him “always my boy”.

Regarding the match’s referee,a reserved Mourinho said he noted some inconsistency in the issuance of yellow cards but did not want to criticise the referee.

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