Roma’s Lukaku says team must focus on outperforming challengers and aim to win every match

Romelu Lukaku, the striker for Roma, made a statement on the club’s official channels following their victory over Napoli. The Belgian forward spoke about the significance of the win for the team.

Lukaku remarked, “It’s an extremely important victory for us, because if you consider the standings, we are close to the position where we aim to be.” This statement came from the club’s official communication channels.

He indicated that the team is focused on winning all their upcoming matches and carefully watching the teams above them in the league. Lukaku also spoke highly of his fellow team members, stating that Roma boasts many players with a strong personality.

Lukaku strongly believes that everyone in the team is on the same page and they are all striving to deliver their best for Roma. He is of the opinion that this unity and determination were evident in the match against Napoli.

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