Roma’s Huijsen debut as starter in derby amidst emergency and convictions

Roma FC will take on Lazio in the highly-anticipated Coppa Italia derby tomorrow afternoon. The Mourinho-led team is heading into the match with emergency in the defence after the recent setback with Llorente in the game against Atalanta. However, Dutch defender Dean Huijsen is proving to be a newfound assurance for The Wolves.

Huijsen, currently on a loan from Juventus, has struck a chord with critics and fans alike with his elegant and intelligent playing style, according to a report by La Gazzetta dello Sport. Praise has been given for the confidence he demonstrated on the pitch. Mourinho, who has been a significant advocate for the defender, decided that this high-profile local derby is the ideal opportunity to bring Huijsen into the limelight.

The defensive line-up for the match might potentially include Mancini, who is prepared to play through a persistent groin injury, and Krsitensen. Cristante serves as an alternative plan, should the need arise.

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