Roma’s Aouar admits he needs to improve to help team, remains hopeful

Roma midfielder, Houssem Aouar, addressed the media in a press conference ahead of their match against Sheriff.

“Yes, I’m ready for tomorrow. I hope to play because I haven’t played much in the past few games,” Aouar said, revealing his hope to play in the upcoming match.

The midfielder acknowledged his responsibility to improve his performance to help the squad. “I know that I have to do better to support the team and I hope to achieve that,” Aouar said.

Aouar expressed his team’s ambition to always emerge victorious. “We always want to win as that is our objective when we play for Roma. Although it would be challenging to finish first, it is not impossible. We will go into tomorrow’s match with a winning mentality, hoping to be at the top at the end of the game,” he stated.

In the press statement, the midfielder compared his experiences at Roma and Lyon for the first time, positively outlining his continuous learning curve. He admitted to his struggles, revealing, “I know I have to learn. It is difficult for me now. I had a hard time in Prague and Geneva, but humbly, I know I have to show the coach I can do more.”

Aouar addressed his relationship with the coach, praising him and his winning mentality. “The coach is a real person. For example, I talk to him a lot. I have already said that the coach helps me a lot in learning to play with the team.”

The midfielder displayed optimism about his performances and commitment to the coach, team, and fans. Aouar asserted, “I am confident, starting from tomorrow. I am happy and proud to play for him, and I know it’s hard for me, having not played much. But, I hope I can now put on a great performance for him, the team, and the fans.”

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