Roma, Pisilli: A Roma fan since childhood, an emotion hard to explain

Nicolo Pisilli, a midfielder for Roma, has reflected on the team’s recent victory over Sheriff in the Conference League. He voiced his thoughts during his conversation with Sky Sport after the game.

Discussing his emotions over the event, Pisilli shared that it was a feeling that’s incredibly tough to articulate, branding it as ‘indescribable’. There’s a deep sense of gratification and fulfillment that comes with being able to realize a lifelong dream. He detailed, “Scoring in this stadium in this jersey is something I could not even imagine.” Pisilli announced that he had been a Roma supporter since his childhood, which gives an idea of the emotional importance attached to this achievement.

Speaking about working under the leadership of Mourinho, the young midfielder from Roma had only high words of praise. He described the experience as “incredible”, explaining how much can be learnt from such a respected figure in football. Leaving no room for ambiguity, Pisilli concluded, “No introductions are needed, it is an honour to work with him.”

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