Roma, Pinto: We need a centre back, won’t discuss Bonucci

Roma’s sporting director, Tiago Pinto, has spoken ahead of the team’s kick-off against Juve. The pre-match interview was conducted by DAZN.

On the issue of the Growth Decree, he makes it clear that although he is not a critic of the decisions made by those in authority, he believes mistakes have been made in Italian football. Pinto argues that despite significant achievements in Serie A over the past four to five years, including three teams reaching European finals and various youth squads performing well internationally, the latest political decisions may harm the sport.

Pinto did not shy away from the issue of the need for a new central defender in his team. He mentioned their ongoing search for a player, however, the difficulties related to adhering to transfer balance and Serie A regulations can’t be ignored. Clear that he will strive for a solution that will suit both the coach and the economic interests of the club, Pinto refrained from commenting on any possible interest in Bonucci.

The Sporting director was open and candid about Renato Sanches, whom he lovingly referred to as his “pupil”. Despite the challenges faced by the player since his arrival, Pinto takes full responsibility for his performance. He added that it’s usual for expectations to peak during the transfer season and performances to be scrutinised more intensely.

Moving on to the future of Mourinho, Pinto was more elusive, stating that such discussions would remain internal for now and that the present focus should be on winning games. As for his own future, he brushed it off, deeming it unimportant and expressing his desire to clinch a win against Cremonese.

Pinto’s insightful comments give a glimpse into the realities and challenges faced by Roma, particularly in relation to transfers, their hunt for a strong defender and managing players’ performances.

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