Roma, Pinto: End-of-Season Accounts, No Comment on Bonucci

Ahead of the match kick-off between Roma and Napoli, Roma’s sporting director, Tiago Pinto, spoke to the sports broadcaster DAZN.

Pinto dismissed suggestions of making an evaluation of the season so far. He said, “The balance sheet will be taken at the end of the season. Many things have happened, but it’s not time to strike a balance now.” Referring to the anticipated match against Napoli, he emphasized, “Winning at home today is crucial. The fight for the Champions [League] position will persist till the end with several teams.” When asked about Bologna’s performance, he acknowledged, “Bologna might not have the squad of others, but they have a great team. However, it’s still too early [to predict their performance].”

Commenting on the defence and potential interest in Bonucci, Pinto stated that there exists a lack of sufficient numbers on their part, but due to certain constraints, they cannot pick anyone they want. “The transfer season still has some time; we have time to think and must avoid commenting on the numerous names being thrown around.”

When asked about Roma’s manager, Mourinho, he subtly suggested that the focus should be on the forthcoming play, stating, “At the moment, the ball is in our court because we have to play. These matters will be considered at the right times.”

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