Roma Officially Sells Primavera Cichella: He Goes to Frosinone

Matteo Cichella, a young midfielder from Roma’s Primavera team, has completed his transfer to Frosinone, as reported by Corriere Dello Sport. Cichella, born in 2005, has been part of Roma’s youth system throughout his footballing development but has now decided to part ways with the club on a permanent basis.

During his time at Roma, the player managed to make only three appearances under coach Guidi’s lead. Despite limited playing time, his stint with Roma is notable as Cichella was part of the squad that clinched the Italian Supercup at the start of the season, even though he wasn’t in the starting line-up.

His move to Frosinone demonstrates his ambition to secure more regular playing time. It’s a significant move for the young player, offering a new stage of development and competitive experience. Cichella is undoubtedly aspiring to make a big name for himself at his new club, leaving behind the secured, familiar comfort of Roma youth system.

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