Roma, Mourinho says loss to Slavia due to poor performance, while Pisilli’s performance thrills him

Roma’s coach, José Mourinho, has spoken following his team’s victory against Sheriff in the Europa League. He expressed his heartfelt sentiments in an exclusive post-match interview with Sky Sport.

Mourinho confessed, “I am touched, as these children were born here in Rome, they used to come to the stadium.” This thought was particularly special in the context of Pisilli, a local-born player, whose performance on the field that night brought great joy to Mourinho. The coach admitted that he had to rush off the field to avoid breaking down in tears.

Reflecting on Roma’s journey in the league so far, Mourinho felt that it was due to their own failings that they have found themselves in second place. The coach alluded to an inferior performance against Slavia Prague which came at a cost to them.

His concerns are compounded by Roma’s need to play an additional two matches, a scheduling predicament that Mourinho believes the team could do without.

On the prospect of securing a new defender, Mourinho affirmed, “I expect a player that we all want”. He acknowledged that due to the Financial Fair Play regulations restricting their budget, they cannot afford a top-notch player.

Discussing Roma’s Champions League aspirations, Mourinho boldly declared that his team, at their very best, could be contenders for the fourth spot. However, he was quick to point out that maintaining the health and fitness of all players would be a crucial determinant in realising this ambitious goal.

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