Roma, Mourinho claims Monza were unfair last year

José Mourinho, Roma’s Manager, shared his thoughts with Sky Sport following their Serie A fixture against Monza.

Mourinho said, “They didn’t deserve to lose the match.” Expressing his relief at securing the three points, he acknowledged the technical struggles his team faced during the game. The Roma manager identified the physical exertion of Leandro Paredes and the two African players who had travelled extensively as a significant factor.

According to Mourinho, his team overcame a side with good players and an able coach. He said that while trying to claim victory, his team hit the post twice, but Monza also had their fair share of opportunities.

Even though the technical standard of the match was low, the emotional high was palpable.

When discussing his relationship with the players, Mourinho had this to say about El Shaarawy and Zalewski, “Even when I criticise, I’m direct. I enjoy a fantastic relationship with my players.” He explained that it was easy for him, because when he had a conversation with El Shaarawy and “the kid,” they reassured him that there was nothing to worry about.

Mourinho indicated confusion over his dismissal from the game, explaining, “I don’t know, I made a silence gesture towards their bench, but I didn’t utter any offensive words.”

The Roma coach then reflected on the previous season’s match at Monza, recalling the harsh words that followed the game from “good people but still immature”. He criticised this kind of vulgar post-match talk, adding, “it’s not nice to speak that way after a game.” Despite the defeat, Mourinho praised Monza as a good team with a proficient coach, asserting that they didn’t deserve the loss.

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