Roma, Mou and the Future: I Want to Stay

Jose Mourinho, manager of Roma, has given clear indications regarding his future with the club. After a disappointing loss against Bologna, Mourinho also spoke on the topic of Motta.

Mourinho was adamant about remaining with Roma: “I want to stay on at Roma,” he expressed. The Roma coach went on to indicate that the club needs to evaluate its future intelligently, staying within the parameters of the Financial Fair Play regulations. There has been a suggestion of providing opportunities to younger players showing promise, instead of focusing on established players who have little room for further development.

Speaking directly after the loss, Mourinho showed signs of recovery, stating that he knew the absence of certain key players, Paulo and Romelu, would impact the performance of the team. He missed Paulo’s class and Romelu’s physical presence on the field.

About Motta, Mourinho expressed his fondness, stating, “Thiago? He’s still my boy”, showing his ongoing support and personal connection with the player. All quotes were provided directly by Mourinho in the immediate aftermath of the Bologna match.

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