Roma Have Plans to Keep Huijsen in their Squad

Huijsen could potentially stay with Roma for the forthcoming season; the Friedkin’s plan is at the ready, however, receiving assistance is vital.

Their determination to retain the Dutch-born talent, who is now naturalised, is unyielding for Roma. This was featured on a famous Italian sports website. The report suggested that Roma isn’t giving up on keeping their talented Dutch but naturally adapted player, Huijsen, for the upcoming season. The team nearly felt the loss, given he is a crucial part of the Friedkin’s strategy’s success.

However, this plan entails specific aid. The precise details of the said assistance were not disclosed. However, given the context, it could imply the team’s financial aid, professional guidance to Huijsen, or some other strategic aspect.

While the Roma management has remained tight-lipped about their plans, it’s clear that they value Huijsen and want to keep him on board for as long as possible. The speculation around his stay, however, has kept his fans on tenterhooks. It’s something that only time will tell and until official announcements are made, all we can do is wait and speculate.

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